A Thing Like Death RPG Adventure


A Thing Like Death is a 5th edition adventure inspired by the works of William Shakespeare and a short story These Poor Compounds by Liam A Spinage

An adventure for 5 3rd-level characters, compatible with 5th Edition.

Available as a hand bound copy or digital download.


A Thing Like Death
A Shakespearean Misadventure

In fair Verona, two noble houses are consumed by an ancient grudge that leads to a new mutiny, and the city is plunged into chaos.
But the true horror lies in the unnatural death of two star-crossed lovers. In this standalone adventure designed for five 3rd-level player characters, you’ll discover the dark truth behind their untimely demise. As undead swarm the Capulet villa, the PCs must fight for their lives and uncover the sinister plague threatening to consume Verona. Can you stop the madness and bring peace to this cursed city?

A Thing Like Death is based on a short story by Liam A. Spinage,
entitled “These Poor Compounds” and is released in celebration
of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s First Folio.

Content Warning (PG)
This adventure is rated (PG) for Parental Guidance recommended.
It contains references to death, suicide, murder, body horror, disease, and zombies.