Historic Binding Demonstration at IMC, Leeds 2019

It’s fair to say that I love books. Old books, new books, chained books that look like they might hide secrets within. That love led me to learn bookbinding, first from books, then from some amazing teachers. After a drive into North Yorkshire to pick up my first nipping press, my fate was sealed.

I set up Anachronalia in 2012, as a small-scale craft business specialising in handmade books, stationery, and book related accessories. Inspired by history but not bound to it, here you can find books and items based on historical examples from medieval through to modern and a few prospective futures for good measure.

To help spread both the love and the craft of bookbinding, I hold open studio days and run workshops. I can also be found repairing and working on old tomes keeping them readable and safe for the next generation. If there’s a book involved, I’m usually there.

All my books are produced by hand in my workshop in Leeds, with a focus on heritage luxury in historical bindings for the modern writer or affordable modern books with a cheeky nod to history. Where possible, I enjoy working with other heritage crafters to give my books and stationery a true sense of timelessness.

I sell in a number of physical locations and online where current stock is listed but I also take on bespoke orders, commissions and some repairs when capacity allows. I only have a limited number of commission/repair slots available so recommend you contact me directly at linette@anachronalia.co.uk with any queries.