A4 book with gold foilblocked tears and runic foredge painting.

Another prop commission for Profound Decisions Empire LRP, this book was designed to be imposing and simply decorated. Using the equivalent of a ream of paper, the finished article was just under an A4 size in height and width, and about 2 inches thick when bound.

The project also gave me an opportunity for some very simple foredge painting, in this case of some mystical runes. The book was trimmed to a clean finish and then the runes drawn and painted directly onto the edge of the book. The result is an image that disappears and reappears as the book is opened and closed.

The cover was then foilblocked with a simple but striking three tears to symbolise the nation whose history the book related. Additionally, the interior was calligraphed as if by multiple hands through the centuries with the names of those deemed worthy to record, leaving plenty of room for further names to be added as the game required.

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Three Tears